How to

There are just 3 simple steps for watching your videos on our site:

1. First you need to copy video url from hosting site. We currently support all most popular video hosting websites and megavideo alternatives:,,,,, divxstage, filebox, filenuke, movreel, movshare, nosvideo,,, sharerepo, sharesix, vidbux, videobam, videoslasher, vidhog, maxvideo, youtube and vidxden.

2. Now you need to paste your url on our website and click the "watch" button.

3. Security message will pop up asking you to to allow access for Java Application. Because Ezywatch uses Java technology you will need to confirm that you want to run this java aplliaction in order to use our website player.

To do so you need to check the "I accept the risk and want to run this application." box and click the "Run" button

If you don't want this message to show up again you can disable it by checking "Do not show this again" box.